Ryan Lawnaire 28 Turf Aerator

Ideal for the New Zealand golf and commercial lawn maintenance industries, this versatile unit combines precision, durability and efficiency.

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The revolutionary Lawnaire® 28 push aerator offers the cutting-edge technology and precision needed in the New Zealand golf course industry, and combines it with the durability and efficiency necessary for commercial lawn maintenance.

With vertical coring action, the reciprocating tines of this walk-behind aerator are able to punch straight in and out without tearing the turf. And with this machine, precision goes hand in hand with efficiency. Its 28-inch aerating swath and productive ground speed aerates up to 24,000 square feet per hour. The durable tines aerate down to two and one-half inches, even in hard soil as found throughout parts of NZ. The durable construction features a reinforced, heavy-gauge steel frame. As for ease of use and comfort, a front caster wheel gives you near zero-turn capability and an isolated handlebar absorbs vibration, making operation and maneuvering almost effortless.

Specifications - Ryan Lawnaire 28 Aerator

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Why Aerate?

Removing small cores of soil from your lawn reduces soil compaction and promotes root growth for healthier grass!

Why You Should Aerate

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Sandra - Nurtured Landscapes - 2018-10-12


The corer is going really well. (Picking up the cores is the hard bit). Thank you very much for the gift box. I am munching on fudge as I type :)

Thanks Sandra - glad you like the Lawnaire (and the fudge!).

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