DR Rapid Fire Flywheel Log Splitter K34 Pro-XL Model

Currently not available in New Zealand due to not being CE Compliant as yet.

Our top of the line RapidFire Model! Twin 75-pound flywheels give the K34 maximum power to blast apart the densest hardwoods with ease! DOT wheels allow for road-towing at up to 45 mph. Electric-Start available.

Product details


the K34 has very few moving parts to go wrong - especially compared to hydraulic splitters with their pumps, valves, pistons, hoses, and fluid.


Twin 75 lb. flywheels spinning at 400 rpm stores energy from the K34’s Overhead Valve (9.50 FPT) Briggs and Stratton engine.


energy is unleashed via a rack and pinion gear, achieving a lightning-fast, 3-second cycle time (the time it takes for the ram to split the log AND return!).

Product Summary
  • 3-Second Cycle Time
  • Outsplits any 34-Ton hydraulic
  • Automatic ram retraction
  • Splits logs up to 24” long x 30” diameter
  • 9.5 ft-lbs torque OHV B&S engine
  • Twin 75-lb. flywheels
  • 2 Year Warranty (90 day commercial)

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