DR PRO-26 14.5 HP Electric Start Field and Brush Mower

$6,495.00 incl GST

Our 14.5 HP PRO-26 has 40% more power than the 10.5 HP model, and adds electric-starting, a full pressure oil pump for better mowing on slopes, more brush-busting capacity (including saplings up to 2.5" thick).

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Power Steering makes the 14.5 PRO-26 the nimblest DR of all. Each wheel has an independent disc brake that lets you turn on a dime. Plus, if you're mowing across slopes, you can feather the uphill brake to improve the machine's tracking and traction.

And, speaking of hills, the 14.5 HP PRO-26 is a great choice for hilly properties because it includes a full-pressure oil pump–so you can mow on slopes of up to 20° and be assured of plenty of good lubrication to all parts of the engine.

This engine also gives you the convenience of convenient turn-key electric starting, so you never have to leave the operator's position to start or stop the machine. This model's extra displacement (481cc vs. 344cc for our 10.5 HP model) also provides the extra "oomph" needed to power through saplings up to 2.5" thick!

Key Benefits
  • High quality components built for decades of punishing use
  • These mowers are tough from the inside out – thanks to a heavy-duty, laser cut steel frame that will withstand decades of stress and strain. This machine is unlike any other on the market, a true work of American ingenuity and craftsmanship that's a pride to own and a joy to use.
  • High performance engine for outstanding power - 14.5 HP Intek OHV Electric-Start engine, for extra power in difficult conditions such as tall, wet grass, plus the ability to tackle thicker saplings—up to 2 1/2" thick.
  • Pivoting deck hugs the ground for a better cut - Unlike cheap brush cutters, the DR's brush deck pivots from side to side, following the contours of the ground. This minimizes scalping and improves traction on uneven terrain by keeping the weight of the machine on its drive wheels.
  • Lockable Differential lets you take charge in tough areas - Lock the differential for maximum traction and control on uneven terrain, in ditches, muddy conditions, and on moderate slopes. Or, unlock the differential so the wheels can turn at different speeds for ease of turning and handling, and precise maneuvering around obstacles.
  • Gear-driven transmission means you'll always be in the right gear - Unlike hydrostatic drives, the DR's geared transmission gives you the full speed control essential to rough-terrain mowing. With a choice of 4 forward gears, you can lock in a steady ground speed that suits your walking speed and the material you're cutting, while your hands stay free to guide the machine across uneven terrain.
  • Quick-change attachments add 4-season versatility - Thanks to a unique coupling system, in just minutes, the DR Field and Brush Mower converts to a powerful lawn mower, snow thrower, chipper, or grader. It's like owning 5 machines in one!
  • Custom-made blade spindle shrugs off high impact
  • Puncture-resistant tires keep you going
  • Professional grade electric clutch is virtually maintenance free
  • Heavy-duty hardened steel blade spins at 195 mph

Product reviews

Lynn S - 2018-01-05


We have been using the ‘Beast’ as it affectionately known, only on chunky grass so far, but on some pretty steep slopes and it has performed well. Turning corners on steep ground provides a bit of a work out, but sweeping turns is the way to go. So far we are pleased with the robust construction of the mower, and had a lot of admiring comments from neighbours. Might see you at Waimumu if you are there.

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