DR PRO-26 10.5 HP Manual Start Field and Brush Mower

DR Field and Brush Mower
PRO-26, 10.5 HP Manual-Start

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Lightweight but rugged, our PRO-26 has the power for cutting the thickest field grass and clearing brush and saplings up to 2" thick. Accepts all our optional attachments that make the DR a year-round workhorse!

Plenty of Machine for Anyone!

Our PRO-26, equipped with a 10.5 HP Briggs and Stratton OHV engine, is a full-featured Field and Brush Mower that accepts all of our optional attachments. But it’s first and foremost, a terrific mower that will make short work of thick field grass and woody materials up to two inches in diameter.

This machine has the exact same frame, wheels, drive train, clutch, handlebars, controls, and spindle as our larger walk-behinds. And just like the others, it accepts optional attachments and has a pivoting mower deck—one of our DR® “secrets” to great maneuverability and traction. This model’s only concession to convenience is its pull-start (vs. electric-start engine). Other than that, it will do the job, and do it well—at a great price.

Product Summary:
  • 10.5 HP Manual-Start Engine
  • 26" pivoting brush deck follows contours of ground
  • 3 forward speeds, 1 reverse
  • Splash lubrication
  • Accepts all optional attachments
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