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Bobman FL Bedding Machine

For Bigger Herds in Smaller Farms

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Product details

Compact and versatile machine

  • 3-in-1 – The BOBMAN bedding machines scrape the slats, sweep the stalls and spread an even layer of bedding all in only one pass!
  • Reduces somatic cell count
  • The BOBMAN spreaders make regular cleaning and maintenance work easy.
  • Using the BOBMAN on a regular basis will improve hygiene in the cow housing, prevent diseases and maintain good health and well-being of the cows, leading to high volume and quality milk.
  • Time and labour saving
  • Save on the amount of bedding materials used
  • Healthy and comfy cow cubicle beds


  • 500 L bunker capacity
  • Self-loading
  • Diesel engine with electric start
  • Comes with a hydraulic brush and a scraper
  • You can spread chopped straw, sawdust, lime, wood shavings or manure fibers
  • The quantity of bedding materials is manually adjustable
  • Requires minimum of space - a turning radius is only 1,8 meter!
  • Three-wheel drive
  • Extra tools and attachments are available
  • Can be used in stalls with robotic system


  • Disinfection box (10 L/15 kg) for spreading disinfectant
  • Top box for increasing bunker capacity to 600 L
  • Extra mixer for chopped straw
  • Parallelogram for adjusting the brush when sweeping in the stalls with different bedding height


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