BOB-CAT XRZ Pro Zero Turn Mower

As of February 2021, the XRZ Pro has been discontinued in favour of the all-new Bobcat ZT3000. Check this out at the link below.

The XRZ Pro is ideal for the regular New Zealand lawn mowing contractor, or large property owner.

Step up to the XRZ-Pro, and get a Kawasaki Commercial FX Series engine, ZT-3400 transaxles and a great warranty.

Product details

A Kiwi Favourite - Watch the video:

The BOB-CAT® XRZ Pro is a professional grade mower built for the lawn care contractor or the lifestyle block owner who wants to mow like one.


Model XRZ Pro 52" XRZ Pro 61"
Machine Spec Commercial
Transaxles HydroGear ZT-3400 Commercial
Deck 10ga Fabricated TufDeck™ Pro
Motor Kawasaki FX691 Kawasaki FX730


The BOB-CAT XRZ Pro is a full commercial mower, ideal for the regular New Zealand mowing contractor or large property owner. Smooth and comfortable to drive, it has commercial transaxles and a commercial engine, along with an industry leading Mow with Confidence Warranty. The XRZ™ Pro is the professional grade mower with the premium comfort and performance features you deserve.

Performance and Durability

The BOB-CAT® XRZ™ Pro comes standard with tough, commercial grade serviceable ZT-3400 transaxles, powerful, smooth-running FX691V or FX730V Kawasaki® engines and a productive top mowing speed of 13km/h. A quick lift foot pedal lets you lift the deck conveniently right from the seat for easy transport over obstacles. It has a one piece, welded steel frame - unlike the bolted or riveted cee-section frame many other zero turns have.

Comfort and control

Adjustable, oversized controls with a dampening feature reduce hand and arm fatigue and provide steady control even on bumpy ground. 22-inch drive wheels smooth the ride and provide sure-footed traction. A premium EVC high back seat is standard for all-day mowing comfort.

Cut Quality

The XRZ-Pro features BOB-CAT's patented TufDeck™ Pro professional mowing system, and features an oversized polymer discharge chute for efficient dispersal of clippings. The patented Double-Wave Baffle System™ stands grass up with maximum vacuum and lift and is ideal on New Zealand lawns which are often wet and cut low. Fast blade tip speeds over 18,000 fpm slice lifted grass cleanly for a smooth, even finish.

The cut quality in New Zealand is greatly improved thanks to the adjustable Deck Lip, and the Double Wave Baffles, which make this mower more capable of mowing in our long, wet conditions.

Reduced maintenance and easy service

The ZT-3400 drive system has fewer potential leak points for reliability. The open frame design and flip up floor plate makes access to key components easy. A flexible oil drain hose and easy to reach filters and dipstick makes oil changes simple.

Product downloads

BOB CAT XRZ Pro Spec Sheet

Product reviews

Scott Manderson - 2020-04-28


I purchased a BOB-CAT XRZ Pro 61” four months ago and wanted to have a reasonable period of use before I provided any feedback. My requirements were simple, I wanted a solid good quality zero turn machine that had a good sized deck that mowed fast to reduce mowing time. OMC listened to what I wanted and came to my property to determine the best suited machine. After four months of use I simply can not fault this mower and it is actually a lot of fun to use! Part of the reason I choose to use OMC was because the service prior to my purchase was fantastic and this has continued with their follow up service and communication.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, Scott!

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    Kevin Dalbeth - 2020-04-24

    Houhora, Far North

    My BOB-CAT is in the Houhora Harbour, using its as a mooring block for the boat !!! No mate ;-) its going well driving like a dream now i have got use to it took a couple of hours just driving around block practicing tight turns etc, my 3hr mow is down to just over 2hr and so much more comfort does a great cut and love catcher around house is so easy to use and dump grass, very quiet motor too over all its a great mower so far,very pleased with it. Done first oil change and filter all good, also good at going up slopes and lacks no power, across slopes the back can slide a bit but you still feel safe and a quick turn down or up your back in control over all. Very happy thank you, again it lived up to your words, its always a worry buying a mower you haven't used before, You are right i an not disappointed in the mower thanks, Kevin Dalbeth.

    Thanks for your feedback Kevin. You sure had us worried when we read the first line!

    Geoff Graham - 2019-02-04


    This mower absolutely exceeded our expectations, completely maneouvrable, much better than tractor mower, has absolutely transformed our lawn from a jungle into a lawn! Please feel free to share my number with anyone that wants to know about this mower, happy to talk to them about it.

    Thanks Geoff!! We really appreciate your review and offer of speaking to people interested. However for security/privacy we won't post your phone number here, but if anyone wants to we can supply it to them directly.

    Ellie Thomson - 2018-07-06


    Awesome mower!!! Took a mow or two to get used to zero turn but after that felt real confident. Goes great on our hills and mounds as well. So much faster than our old John Deere!!

    Thanks for the review Ellie!

    Rob Haines - 2018-04-16


    We purchased a Bob Cat XRZ Pro Zero Turn Mower from OMC chch after trading our old zero turn mower in, was looking at a Walker before entering the store, then after looking at the benefits of a Bob Cat it really was a no brainer, our previous mower was a 48 inch and the new Bob Cat is 52 inch, my wife is in charge of the lawns and she loves the bigger cut. Comfy seat and ride, solid in construction, the finish on the lawns is consistently of a high standard, looks like a well-groomed park, I love the bang for buck with the price tag and warranty. Great service from Gerry at OMC and most of all I love that my wife is happy…Happy wife Happy life!

    Thanks for the review Rob! Great to hear you love the new mower.

    Michael Burt - 09/02/2017 6:27pm

    Nice speed. Starts easy and easy to clean. Good price and availability as well.

    David Lewis - Okains Bay Museum - 07/03/2018 12:38pm

    Okains Bay

    Recently I have been feeling a bit of a fraud, as I have been accepting All of the praises for how beautiful and tidy our bay and museum are looking. All that praise should rightfully be going to the BOBCAT XRZ PRO, as the mower is the real hero.

    Previously, it would take up to 16 hours to do all the community lawns and cemetery on my all 42" ride on, where as now, I can mow these and the huge museum lawns in just over 6 hours.

    My only complaint, I just don't get to spend enough time on this great machine.

    Tēnā koutou, David! We have heard that you had some excellent feedback from the community on Waitangi Day, which is excellent.

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