BOB-CAT XRZ Zero Turn Mower

As of February 2021, the XRZ has been replaced by the all-new Bobcat ZT3000 and includes some great improvements.

The XRZ is ideal for large lifestyle blocks and light commercial mowing.

Step up to the XRZ from the CRZ, and get commercial ZT-3100 transaxles, a smoother and more comfortable ride, and a great warranty.

Product details


Model XRZ 48" XRZ 52"
Machine Spec Commercial
Transaxles HydroGear ZT-3100 Commercial
Deck 10ga Fabricated TufDeck™
Motor Kawasaki FR651 Kawasaki FR691

The XRZ is a commercial spec mower that is ideal for large lifestyle blocks and light commercial mowing. It has commercial spec transaxles, a tough, durable design and a great warranty, along with premium added comfort features to give a great ride.

Productivity & Durability

The BOB-CAT® XRZ line is powered by reliable Kawasaki® FR engines and commercial drive system powered by Hydro-Gear® ZT-3100 transaxles to produce a ground speed of up to 13km/h. It has a one piece, welded steel frame - unlike the bolted or riveted cee-section frame many other zero turns have.

Coupled with a large 23L capacity fuel tank, you have more than enough power and run time to tackle the largest properties. The XRZ Cutting height can be easily controlled on-the-fly with the quick-lift foot pedal allowing for cutting ranges from 1.5 to 4.875 inches in quarter-inch increments or instantly as needed.

Comfort and Control

Designed with your comfort in mind, the new BOB-CAT® XRZ™ features a premium high back elastomeric vibration control (EVC) seat with armrests that reduce vibration for all-day riding comfort. Wide 22-inch rear drive wheels help smooth the ride over undulating terrain and provides added traction on slopes. 

Cut Quality

The rugged design of the new BOB-CAT® TufDeck™ Professional-Grade Mower Deck with patented Double-Wave Baffle System makes grass stand up and take what's coming to it from blades that spin up to 18,800 fpm. An extra-wide polymer impact resistant discharge chute shrugs off dings, while fanning clippings fine - eliminating clumps for a crisp clean cut.

The cut quality in New Zealand is greatly improved thanks to the adjustable Deck Lip, and the Double Wave Baffles, which make this mower more capable of mowing in our long, wet conditions.

Reduced Maintenance & Easy Service

The XRZ’s open frame design provides easy access to the engine, filters, belts, battery and more – taking the hassle out of routine maintenance. Flip up foot plate allows for easy access to belts and pulleys for cleaning and service. And, because all BOB-CAT® mowers share a common design, parts are readily available and affordable too.

Product downloads

BOB CAT XRZ Spec Sheet

Product reviews

NZ Express Lawn Mowing Hornby - 2017-01-24


Very happy with the Bob-cat. I have used it to cut some very long grass also grass that is very thick, the mower handles it very well. The fact that I now have a catcher for it is great. It performs like a mower twice the price I paid for it. The large fuel tank is also a bonus. The Bob-cat has everything the Fastrak has at a much lower price. So no competition Bob-cat wins! Cheers Andrew H

  • Customer reviews 2

    Paul Kitchingman - 2016-12-15


    Absolutely brilliant - actually look forward to mowing the lawns! I was thinking about another brand but once I saw the Bob Cat was immediately drawn to it. Really like the robustness of the machine with heavy gauge material, it looks and is solid. If I could change one thing, maybe a second cup holder, but really it's perfect the way it is. Cheers Paul

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