BOB-CAT QuickCat 48" Stand On Zero Turn Mower

The ultimate in stand-on mower durability, quality of cut and ease of ownership.

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Our BOB-CAT QuickCat is renowned as one of the best stand-on mowers on the market, both in New Zealand and the world, with unparalleled engineering thought gone into making this mower easy to operate and extremely durable - as well offering the best warranty on the market!

Why Stand On?

While not for everyone, stand on zero turns have a number of unique benefits that are a perfect match for certain mowing contractors, city councils and private owners.

  • Mowing in tight areas, fast
  • Mowing in highly landscaped areas - more maneuverable than sit-on zero turns
  • Greatly improved operator comfort than sitting
  • Excellent slope performance
  • Fit more mowers on your trailer
  • Greatly improved productivity - up to 20% more lawns mown!
  • Lighter footprint - less ruts
  • Improved operator visibility
  • Put simply, a stand on mower will mow faster and help you get into places that other zero turns will not.
The QuickCat™ Features:
  • 13km/h mowing speed and up to 17km/h transport speed
  • Optimal operator station placement for excellent center of gravity
  • Extra-large drive tires for a smoother ride and better traction
  • Low placement of the fuel tank for improved balance on uneven ground
  • Large fuel tank for all-day mowing without refueling
  • Compact size for maneuvering in tight spaces and loading on crowded trailers
  • True floating deck improves cut quality and maintenance
  • Mulch kits and side catchers available
  • Extra ground clearance to safely move on and off high curbs
  • Extra-strong DuraDeck™ mower deck, backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • 6-Year 2000 hours limited warranty

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