BOB-CAT Predator Pro 7000

As of February 2021, this model has been superseded by the all-new 2021 Bobcat ZT7000. Check this out below.

The all-new, top of the line Predator Pro 7000 is the pinnacle of BOB-CAT's zero turn line up, offering unrivaled durability and one of the fastest ground speeds in the industry!

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The Predator Pro 7000 offers everything you'll ever want in a tough, professional zero turn mower. With an unbelievably heavy duty deck, serious horsepower and reliable transaxles, this mower can travel at up to 31km/h!


The BOB-CAT Predator Pro 7000 has a 6-year / 2,750 hour limited warranty, plus a limited Lifetime Warranty on the deck, deck cradle, and engine deck. Unlike other zero turn mower warranties, the Mow with Confidence warranty covers warranty costs of parts and labour for the full period - with most other brands, parts only are covered after just three years.


The ISO-Ride™ high back suspension seat and comfort system prevents bottom- and top-outs, and keeps the operator fresh and productive over the longest days of the mowing season. You can adjust the drive levers from the seat with easy turn dials to keep you mowing dead straight. The seat is a newer high back design for even better comfort than ever before. You'll hardly want to get off!


We don't hesitate to say that the AIRFX™ cutting system is the most advanced and best mower decks for New Zealand. With an adjustable front deck lip, airflow is maximised and grass fold-over minimised which is super important when mowing down low like we do here in NZ. Have a demonstration and see for yourself how far the grass is thrown, and how scalping is minimised.


As with other BOB-CAT professional series mowers, the Predator-Pro RS has a flip-up floor pan, meaning you can get immediate access to the deck belts and top of the deck without any tools - great for cleaning and belt servicing. You can drain the oil without any tools, and the front forks are bolt-on replaceable - meaning that you save time and money if you ever had impact damage, as well as minimise chassis wear or damage over time - ask us about why this sets the BOB-CAT professional series apart!


BOB-CAT, and in particular the Predator Pro 7000, were the winners of two renowned accolades in 2019.

Firstly, the all new BOB-CAT Predator Pro 7000 received Landscape Business' Top Twenty for 2019 products new product award winner, and BOB-CAT as a brand won the Mower of the Year (for the third year running!) in the renowned Mower Madness competition out of over 40 mower brands!


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