BOB-CAT CRZ Zero Turn Mower

As of February 2021, this model is no longer available, and has been replaced by the all-new ZT2000.

The ultimate entry level Zero turn mower - offering a tough fabricated deck and chassis, ZT-2800 serviceable transaxles, a comfortable ride, and an excellent warranty!

This mower performs extremely well in New Zealand thanks to the adjustable front deck lip and Double Wave baffle system designed to help cut long/wet grass.

Product details

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Model CRZ 42", 48" & 52"
Machine Spec Residential / Lifestyle Block
Transaxles HydroGear ZT-2800 (Serviceable)
Deck 10ga Fabricated TufDeck™
Motor Kawasaki FR651

The BOB-CAT CRZ model is available in 3 deck sizes - 42", 48" and 52". It is the ultimate home & lifestyle block zero turn mower, with a rugged design, commercial grade components, and an adjustable deck lip that makes it the perfect fit for any NZ lawn. It has serviceable transaxles, a tough, welded frame and a great warranty, along with a comfortable high-back seat with armrests for a smooth ride.

We firmly believe that the BOB-CAT CRZ offers the best value for money of any zero turn mower in New Zealand! Here's why:

  • 1-Piece, welded tube steel frame - NOT bolted/riveted as on other brands.
  • Strongest deck in class - 10 gauge fabricated, welded and reinforced steel deck
  • Serviceable Hydrogear ZT-2800 transaxles, unlike EZT as found on other brands.
  • Adjustable Deck Lip - Unique to BOB-CAT, ideal for a better cut in New Zealand
  • Huge Fuel Capacity - 22L
  • Durable Rotational moulded tank/s - much stronger than underseat tank
  • Large 20" Drive tyres
  • Optional Accessories 5bu side bag catcher, mulch kits, lights, tow kit
Powerful & Durable

The BOB-CAT® CRZ is powered by the super reliable Kawasaki® FR651 engine and features 20" drive wheels to produce a ground speed of up to 11.3km/h. Coupled with a huge 23L fuel capacity fuel tank, you have more than enough power and run time to tackle the largest properties.

Comfort & Control

Designed with your comfort in mind, the new BOB-CAT® CRZ™ features an adjustable high-back seat for improved comfort as you ride. Adjustable drive levers ensure a comfortable fit for all family members and ergonomically designed controls provide maximum comfort while you mow, and zero turn technology enables you to drastically reduce your mowing time. Cutting height is easily controlled through the Quick-Lift Foot pedal allowing for cutting ranges from 1.5 to 4.875 inches in quarter-inch increments.

Cut Quality

Just as at home in rough paddock grass as a fine turf lawn, the rugged fabricated deck design of the new BOB-CAT® TufDeck™ Professional-Grade Mower with patented Double-Wave Baffle System makes grass stand up and take what's coming to it from blades that spin up to 18,000 fpm. The extra-wide polymer impact resistant discharge chute shrugs off dings while fanning clippings fine - eliminating clumps for a crisp clean cut in tough New Zealand mowing conditions.

The cut quality in New Zealand is greatly improved thanks to the adjustable Deck Lip, and the Double Wave Baffles, which make this mower more capable of mowing in our long, wet conditions.

Reduced Maintenance & Easy Servicing

The CRZ’s open frame design provides easy access to the engine, filters, belts, battery and more – taking the hassle out of routine maintenance. And, because all BOB-CAT® zero turn mowers share a common design, parts are readily available and affordable too. You can even drop and change the oil yourself without any training, with an easy built in drain hose!

Product downloads

BOB CAT CRZ Spec Sheet

Product reviews

J White - 2019-01-28

North Canterbury

I am very pleased with the “Bob Cat”. Great to be able to do the lawns in 2 hours as opposed to 3.5 hours and it does a nice job of the lawn.

  • Customer reviews 19

    Dave F - 2019-01-24

    North Canterbury

    Really pleased with the mower and almost waiting for the grass to grow.

    D O'Brien - 2018-11-28

    Hanmer Springs

    The mower is going great. Its taken a few hours to get a strategy together but now im cutting like a pro. Its actually an enjoyable few hours rather than a chore.

    Jim Smyth - 2018-05-28


    Purchased the Bobcat two months ago, after frustrations with other ride on mowers. It took a little bit of getting used to the controls, but now it’s a dream to use and it’s taking half the time to mow my mini golf course! Found the seat very comfortable and control arms are well positioned. No more trouble with broken belts and clogged up mowers. It’s quite a simple task doing the oil change. I recommend it to anyone who has a lifestyle block or extra large lawn.

    Thanks Jim, and also for the photos you sent of your lawn, which looks amazing!

    Liz - 2018-03-13

    Great mower, trims much faster because of maneouvrability. Goes like the clappers, had races with my friends Hustler and the BOB-CAT left it for dead! A little hard to clean underneath though.

    Hello Liz, thanks for review, yes you're right, almost all ride ons are a little difficult to clean underneath but we recommend driving up on some ramps or lifting the front up with a cheap endless chain hoist. Thanks!

    Greg Coffey - 2018-02-22


    I’m a busy man so when I moved out to a large rural section I needed a hardworking, durable mower that could get the job done fast. The BOB-CAT zero turn is perfect. Because I’m able to nip around tight curves and small spaces easily, what was taking me an hour and a half now only takes an easy 45 minutes to mow! It gives a really good cut too, the lawns look top notch. And it comes with a catcher, which I don’t use all the time, but it does comes in handy around the patio area to stop the clippings messing it up.

    Thanks for the review Greg! Glad you love your mower :)

    Bianca W - 2018-02-21

    West Melton

    We really love out new mower, it can even mow through our overgrown areas. It is making life a lot easier as it is so fast and our property looks much better than it has in a long time. Lovely to have a reliable strong mower!

    Thanks for the feedback Bianca!

    Gavin Cumberpatch - 2017-12-04


    I am extremely happy with my BOB-CAT CRZ 52” zero turn mower. This versatile beast not only makes short work of the less tamed areas of our property, it also produces an outstanding finish on our fine-grass lawn, with its catcher attachment. More enjoyable mowing, more free time! The pre-sale advice from the guys at OMC, delivery of the mower to down to the Mackenzie Country, and after-sales service has also been fantastic. Thanks guys.

    P Cookeson - 2017-08-07

    Banks Peninsula

    The lawns used to take up to 4.5 hours. I have now completed them in just over 2 hours. Massive difference, great machine. Just need to get used to the tight turning without digging up the lawn. LOL

    Hello - thanks for your feedback! You’ll improve with practice no doubt. Key thing is to a) keep both wheels moving when turning and b) don’t turn too fast – come to a brief stop before making a turn.

    Terry Richardson - 2017-06-02

    West Melton

    OMC gave very good service. Knowledgeable and attentive to my requirements
    I went round stores looking closely at machines, and chose Bobcat due to strong construction, ease of replacing belts and free running casters.

    Quentin Farrelly - 2017-02-22

    West Melton

    Seemed to be the best value/quality for the price, salesman was also very helpfull

    Nigel Riches - 2017-01-31


    The general quality of the manufacturing and assembly appears more "engineered" to a higher standard than the Toro, more grease points and no cheap plastic components that I've seen so far. Having been to just about all the mower outlets in Christchurch I found the staff more helpful in answering my questions about the machines in the show room, and their recommendations for a replacement given my garden area and type. Appears to be better made, but time will tell, the 5 year warranty and servicing was a large part of my deciding.

    Edward Aitken - 2016-12-21

    Pigeon Bay

    The mower has greatly improved our lawn area.The Zero turn system is very good, good price and quality, If I could change one thing it would be a quieter muffler system, also would like an easier on / off mulching system.

    Lyndsay & Trevor Courtney - 2016-11-30


    Absolutely thrilled with our purchase of our made in the USA Bobcat Zero Turn Mower. It's a dream to use, and is a lifesaver on our lifestyle block. This very tough. powerful and extremely well built machine mows with ease approximately 1.5 pretty rough hectares and it completes a very professional job in less than half the time of our old ride mower.

    Dave Enright - 2016-11-22


    Great sturdy machine - Really enjoying it. The opportunity to add spray unit etc would be great.

    Jeremy Wang - 2016-10-06


    Great Mower. Was in looking for a Countex mower and was sold the Bob - Cat, sales team brought it to my home and showed me how good it was.

    Doug Brush - 2016-10-06

    Diamond Harbour

    Excellent mower and service. Better warranty than the competition...

    Richard Dryden - 2016-09-30

    Tai Tapu

    I am very pleased with the new mower; it is an excellent machine for our requirements. The Bob-Cat is efficient, reliable, comfortable and fun! We have had an issue with the small left hand front wheel mounting but this has been satisfactorily resolved.

    Richard Briggs - 2016-09-29

    West Melton

    I was sceptical as are most when faced with a more expensive recommendation, however after a seasons use I'm happy I went with the Bob-cat and appreciate the features that priced it higher than the comparable Hustler. I also appreciate the convenience of OMC collecting the mover for its service. Cheers Richard - West Melton

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