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Avant Attachments

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Avant has a huge range of over 100 attachments available for the Loader range - see a selection of various attachments common in New Zealand below:

Basic Attachments

general bucket
General bucket
light material bucket
Light material bucket
high tip bucket
High tip bucket
4-1 bucket
4-1 bucket
skip bucket
Skip bucket
grapple bucket
Grapple bucket
dozer blade 4000
Dozer blade 2000
pallet forks
Pallet forks
forklist mast
Forklift mast
xl high tip bucket
XL high tip bucket
dozer blade 2500
Dozer blade 2500
tilt adapter
Tilt adapter
levelling bucket
Levelling bucket
 dozer blade
Dozer Blade 1400
 pallet forks with side shift
Pallet forks with side shift


backhoe 210
Backhoe 210
digger 150
Digger 150
backhoe 260
Backhoe 260


hydraulic breakers
Hydraulic breakers
drum concrete
Drum type concrete mixer
concrete bucket
Concrete mixing bucket
vibrating plate
Vibrating plate
jib boom
Jib boom
asphalt grinder
Asphalt grinder
tele jib boom
Telescoping jib boom
cutter crusher
Cutter crusher

Property Maintenance

pressure washer
Pressure washer
rotary brooms
Rotary brooms
brooms and box
Brooms with collector box
rotary broom snow
Rotary broom for snow removal
high press washer
High pressure washer
vacuum brush
Vacuum brush
tipping trailer
Tipping trailer
leguan access
Leguan 50 access platform
snow blade
Snow blade
flipper bucket
Flipper bucket
chipper auto
CH 150 chipper with automatic feeding unit
rotary broom 1500
Rotary broom 1500/2000
collecting broom
Collecting broom


silage form
Silage fork
square bale grab
Square bale grab
bale grab
Bale grab
silage dispenser
Silage dispenser
flour bucket
Flour / Grain dispenser bucket
straw blower
Straw blower bucket
manure fork
Manure fork
silage block cutters
Silage block cutters
carousel broom
Carousel broom
stone collectin bucket
Stone collecting bucket
horse arena harrow
Horse arena harrow
push broom
Push broom
square bale spike
Square bale spike
round bale spike
Round bale spike
xl silage grab
XL Silage grab

Green Area Maintenance

lawn mower 1200
Lawn mower 1200
lawnmore 1500
Lawn mower 1500
collecting lawnmower 1200
Collecting lawn mower 1200
flail mowers
Flail mower
finger bar mower
Finger bar mower
edge trimmer
Edge trimmer
flail mower boom
Flail mower with hydraulic boom
fingerbar boom
Fingerbar mower with hydraulic boom
collecting lawnmower 1500
Collecting lawn mower 1500


rotary hoe
Rotary hoe
stone burier
Stone burier
rotary harrows
Rotary harrows
stone clamp
Stone installation clamp
stone grab
Stone grab
stump buster
Stump buster
grabbing tool
Grabbing tool
screening bucket
Screening bucket

Wood Processing

firewood machine
Firewood machine
log cutter
Log cutter / splitter
log splitter
Log splitter
wood chipper
Wood chipper
log grab
Log grab
wood chipper 100
Wood chipper CH100
log grab heavy
Log grab, heavy duty
tree shear
Tree shear

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