Avant 600 Series Loader

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  • Driving speed even 22 km/h.
  • Powerful hydraulic system enables the use of all attachments.
  • Agile loader – Fits into all kinds of working areas.
  • Telescopic boom as a standard.
  • All cabin variants, including air conditioning available.

AVANT's knowledge of the international compact loader market is unsurpassed. With 20,000 compact loaders manufactured in 15 years, 70% of which were sold on the international market is proof, of the success of the AVANT concept. The new AVANT 600 Series is the result of this long experience.


Ideal Loader for Landscaping
The AVANT 600 Series is strong enough to handle heavier loads like store pallets, big bags, etc. On the other hand , it is light enough so that it doesn't damage lawns, pavings and other surfaces. The compact dimensions of the AVANT 600 means it can work on any site, and it is easy to transport on a trailer from one work site to another.

Versatile Compact Loader 
One of the advantages is that you can do many jobs with one single machine; earthmoving, moving of materials, loading and unloading, digging, levelling, milling and even pacing. The AVANT 600 is just the right machine for all your needs.  

Multi-purpose Machine for Farming 
The AVANT 600 Series combines high work efficiency and smoothness of operation. The biggest AVANT can easily tackle the typical tasks on a farm, but is still compact enough for it to be used in buildings that other machines are unable to access. On many farms AVANT can replace a conventional loader. The AVANT boasts features like smoothness of operation, agility and versatility.  

Efficient Material Handling 
AVANT has an excellent loading and handling capabilities thanks to the telescopic boom and boom levelling. In addition the same machine can do various property maintenance jobs. 

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