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Bobman Dairy Shed Cleaning & Bedding Equipment

With indoor dairy sheds and barns, clean and comfortable conditions make for happy cows - which produce more milk.

Ideal for both Standard and robotic milking indoor shed setups, these dairy barn cleaners can remove and replace bedding materials as quick as 5 mins per 150 cows - a huge time and labour saver.

OMC Power Equipment can also customise the product to suit unique New Zealand methods and materials.

Here's how you can save huge labour cost, and keep healthy cows:

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1 - Sweep

Clean out the existing manure and bedding material with the hydraulic drive, wide diameter brush - designed for removal of lime, straw, sawdust, wood shavings and other bedding materials.

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2 - Spread

Spread out fresh bedding material - compatible and adjustable to almost any bedding material used in New Zealand, including sawdust, lime, wood shavings, straw and much more. Extremely quick - Massive labour savings!

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3 - Sanitise

While you may chose to use sanitary materials such as lime as the bedding material itself, you can also use the optional lime spreader and disinfectant sprayer to keep your cows clean and healthy.

Popular Bobman models

Bobman Selfload

Bobman Selfload

Available in either 2WD or 3WD, the Bobman Selfload is an efficient and time saving bedding spreader for larger herds. It simplifies the process and execution of cleaning and maintenance work, allowing cleaning and brushing the stalls, as well as spreading a new layer of the chosen bedding, in one pass. This reduces cell count, improves hygiene and prevents diseases.

Bobman Promax

Bobman Promax

Designed for larger herds, the Powerlead is a powerful and yet compact way to simply clean and re-layer the stalls with bedding material, as well as offering more disinfectant options.

Perfect Fit for NZ

Made in Denmark, these machines are an ideal fit for New Zealand - with innovative design and rugged engineering, and Kubota Diesel engines, they're the perfect fit for indoor dairy sheds.

Plus you get great backup and support from OMC Power Equipment. Call us today for a consultation!

Bobman Dairy Shed Cleaners

Bobman Dairy shed cleaning machines are widely regarded as the industry leader in Dairy shed cleaning. As more and more New Zealand dairy farms opt to install both robotic milking systems and indoor dairy barns, the labour cost can also benefit through the use of a Bobman machine.

Sheds with 300 stalls can be quickly and simply cleaned and re-bedded with fresh bedding material in as little as 5-10 minutes!

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